Blood Moon Rising

WIN 5000x and more! 

  • The game is based on 5 reels 4 visible position per reel matrix. 
  • The number of lines is FIXED to 50. Any change in the number of lines will change the RTP.
  • The minimum bet per line is 0.4 cdredits. 20 credits total sipn bet.
  • The wins are paid only from left to right. Only the highest win is paid per each winline.


Moon is special symbol with size 1x1. Each Moon symbol leaves a Frame when fall on the reel. Frame stays sticked in front of the same position of the reel during all the following spins till Eclipse event occurred.


Eclipse is triggered when one or more Moon symbols fall in Frame positions (Eclipse event). Then all the Frames and Moons on the reels turn to WILD symbols.

In case that more than one symbol falls in Frame during a spin, the wins in that spin are multiplied by the number of Eclipse events.

During the base game, all the Frames disappear before the next game that follows the Eclipse event.


Wild symbols is not present on the reel strips. It can only be created by Eclipse event.


3 or more Scatters trigger Free Spins.

FREE SPINS The feature is triggered on 3 or more Scatters.

All Frames from the base game which triggers the free spins are kept till the and of the Free Spins. Player may win additional Frames during the free spins and they also stays till the and of the Free Spins feature. Each additional frame awards one more free spin. The Eclipse events does not clear the Frames during the free spins. Frames are left on the screen even after the Free spin feature has finished in the next base spins until the first Eclipse event.