Mystic Spells

Embark on a spellbinding journey with MysticSpells, here the magic of powerful spells awaits to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience. 

With two exhilarating free spin modes, the magic intensifies as your journey unfolds. Let the enchantment of MysticSpells sweep you away into a realm of limitless possibilities.

General Game Attributes
Game IDmysticspells_94
Columns x rows:5 × 5
Payout mechanic:15 lines
Max Win:10000x
Hit Frequency:22.11%
Black Spell Feature:1 in 51
Black Spell Feature Value:12.5x
Black Spell Buy Cost:13x
Black Spell Free Spins:1 in 531
Black Spell Free Spins Value:96.2x
Black Spell Buy Cost:102x
Sticky Spell Free Spins:1 in 858
Sticky Spell Free Spins Value:192.5x
Sticky Spell Buy Cost:204x
Default Bet:1.00 €
Min Bet:0.20 €