TimeShuffle - RPG, WEB 3

TimeShuffle - RPG, Web 3, Blockchain game

The game’s ultimate goal is to preserve the history’s timeline or alter it by completing various missions (depending on the faction you have decided to join).

Missions are unlocked based on the player’s current progress and, in some cases, when time‐limited game events are present. The player’s goal in each mission will be to make sure the historical figure takes its rightful place in history if you play for the Hexagon Corp.

At the same time, an evil scientist organization will try to lead players away from their natural path, so they become completely different people. In order to complete the mission, a certain amount of experience has to be obtained by playing sub‐missions (those include battles against the minions of the opposing faction and a few mini games).

Each mission consists of 5 to 10 replayable sub‐missions, which will allow you to eventually unlock the boss of the missions (in most cases ‐ the alternating historical figure related to the mission).

After successful mission completion, the player will be given the option to recruit a historical figure for their team. Or, by reaching the maximum score for the mission, the player will also have the option to recruit an alternative version of the historical figure.