Online Casino Software Provider (RGS)

Platform and Integration Management

Our studio delivers fully-managed, sturdy integration solutions that are customized to satisfy the requirements of even the most exacting clients. Our turnkey operational service package includes a wide array of top-tier tools and services, crafted to enhance the efficiency of any gaming operation. This encompasses platform integrations, content aggregation, and the administration of users and wallets across various vendors. Additionally, Wiener Games offers conversion services aimed at upgrading game technology and implementing a modern mobile gaming client, ensuring full compatibility with Apple and Google standards.

Turnkey Casino Services

Regardless of your expertise, whether it's in technical aspects, player acquisition, or marketing, Wiener Games Studio is equipped to assist you in creating and managing your ideal casino. We offer the flexibility to integrate your preferred games or develop a bespoke suite of unique games exclusively for you. Our services extend to setting up essential components like the back office, financial tools, and player management systems, along with various other modules vital for a successful casino operation. We provide a comprehensive turnkey solution that can be seamlessly handed over to your team. Alternatively, we can serve as your technology and game development partner, handling all technical and design elements on your behalf.